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  • 18 місяців гарантії в Genuine Warranty Center.
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Realistic Puppy

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Lifelike Puppy

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Intuitive Touch and
Voice Interaction

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Expressive Eyes

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Easy USB-C

Just a touch, a word, and the gaming app – metaDog becomes your immediate ally!

Wake-Up Your Way

Customize the name of metaDog in your own way ‘metaDog, Learn wake-up word’ ‘Buddy/Kiki/Gigi……’

photo of voice reaction

AI-Enabled Authentic Dog Behavior: Panting, Barking, Howling, and More.

photo of typec charging
photo of typec charging

No more batteries, simple charging with type-C

Fall in Love with metaDog:
The Ultimate Lifelike Robotic Pup Companion!


Food-grade silicone, safe and worry-free.

Tail Fur

Selected top-quality artificial fur, skin- friendly and non-allergic.

Wrap yourself in love and comfort,
with metaDog always by your side


Bringing Joy and Companionship to Your Golden Years

  • Say goodbye to the mess, and relish in the unconditional love and warmth from metaDog!


Discover Daily Warmth and Happiness with metaDog as Your Loyal Companion

  • In the afternoon’s embrace, metaDog dances into your life, infusing every moment with whimsy and delight.


A Soft and Fuzzy Companion for Little Ones

  • Strict material selection brings the safest it and talk with your first robot friend!



Rich Accessories

Enhance metaDog’s appearance with a range of stylish accessories – the perfect addition to your faithful Robo-Pup’s ensemble.

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