Compound Robot Kit

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The myAGV 2023 offers optional composite robot kits, allowing DIY sandbox setups, simulating logistics sorting scenarios. It can be equipped with the myCobot 280Pi robotic arm, along with the end effector myCobot Vertical Suction Pump V2.0 and myCobot Camera Flange 2.0. Using hand-eye calibration algorithms for precise gripping, it provides efficient solutions for research, education, and business research applications.

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


The myAGV 2023 is structurally compatible with the myPallitizer 260 series, mechArm 270 series, myCobot 280 series, myArm series, and ultraArm series, catering to a wide range of composite robot scenario requirements.

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features


MyStudio, a brand new upgrade, says goodbye to the old version’s inability to connect to the internet for downloading the latest firmware. With cloud-based updates and real-time synchronization, it further enhances the user experience.


photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

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