Artificial Intelligence Kit include mechArm 270 Pi

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photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

Elephant Robotics focuses on promoting industry talent development in artificial intelligence and robotics. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Educational Laboratory Solution aims to provide students with the most comprehensive Robotics and AI discipline experience, including laboratory equipment and teaching content.
photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

Laboratory Equipment

We provide students with the latest robot hardware, software, and control system equipment to ensure that they can conduct experiments and research in a real-world environment.
  • Embedded Raspberry Pi ecosystem, development-oriented secondary development system ecosystem.
  • Comes with ROS and ROS2, graphical programming with Blockly.
  • Image recognition function, with built-in image recognition algorithms, optional with any camera, and can be matched with different accessories such as monitors, grippers, and suction pumps to achieve multiple application scenarios.
  • High configuration, with LEGO interface.
  • Integrated design, easy to carry.
  • Can perform openCVD, Python programming, inverse kinematics, robot control, machine vision, end effector usage.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Textbook

The textbook is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence robotics. Students will learn about the working principles of robots and the basics of robot visual recognition. By combining these two areas of knowledge, students will be able to develop applications for robotic automation, including automatic recognition and grasping.
The course covers a range of interdisciplinary and diverse principles, including: robot component modules, coordinate system concepts, the relationship between linkages and joints, robot forward kinematics, robot inverse kinematics, robot dynamic modeling, trajectory planning for robot motion, python-driven robot applications, multi-sensor fusion applications, computer vision principles and applications, and hand-eye coordination applications.

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

Technical Parameters

mechArm 270 PI Robotic Arm

Degree of Freedom 6
Working radius(mm) 270mm
Payload(g) 250g
Weight(g) 1000g
Repeatability(mm) ±0.5mm
Maximum joint speed 120°/s
Power interface INPUT DC8.4V-14V
Mechanical Arm Configuration Center symmetric structure
Motor Type High-precision magnetic encoder motor * 6
Control Raspberry Pi 4B, 1.5GHz 4-core processor, running Debian/Ubuntu


AI Kit 2023

Recognition Speed Color/Shape/QR Code: 300ms
Feature Point 600ms
Recognition Accuracy ≤3mm
Camera USB distortion-free camera
Image Pixel 2M 1080p
Supported Image Formats MJPG/YUY2
Pixel Size 3.0umx3.0um
Maximum Frame Rate MJPG: 19201080@30fps YUV: 19201080@30fps
USB Protocol Standard UVC Protocol
Power Supply DC5V 90mA
PField of View Angle 110° without distortion
Lens Focal Length 2.8mm
Supported Systems Windows XP/7/8/10/VISTA/SEVEN/MAC LINUX(include uvc)/Raspberry Pi/Android 4.2+


photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

photo of myCobot Arduino with main features
photo of myCobot Arduino with main features
photo of myCobot Arduino with main features

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